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Complete integration of Microsoft 365 into your business, from conception to launch. 

Office 365


Microsoft 365 is a hub of your favorite Office Suite applications and services in one space.

Increase productivity with access to apps anywhere, anytime, on any device. 


Motivate your team with features that involve them in progress and results:

- Share Milestones and accomplishments front page on the Company Portal

- Access information from anywhere on any device

- Co-Author documents using your favorite applications


Utilize new and familiar tools to engage employees.


Never let your work be affected by miscommunication and accessibility issues: ​

- Improving interpersonal collaboration with team chat and online meetings

- Hosting all applications used daily in one place, with access whenever you need

- Focus on business with real-time updates and editing abilities from anywhere


Microsoft 365 acts as an open channel between employees.


Micorosoft 365 will bring a whole new level of productivity to your team:

-Inspire Innovation using 

features found in the latest version of your favorite applications

- Built-in Security, transparency, and refined user controls make this the most secure Office, ever

- Deliver Results to your customers in record time


Give your office the tools they need to perform better.

Project Solutions 365

Project Solutions 365 is our module based solution designed for companies who manage information on a 'per-project' basis.  Choose between three customizable pages, use them together or separately. 

Hover your mouse over the photos to explore Project Solutions.


This your user's entry point. It houses basic company information including news and calendar events, as well as important documents. Link directly to other O365 features from this page.


This is your Hub Site for all projects. Access current and archived projects here. Each project site contains shared documents and other useful applications for managing projects. Engage your team with regular updates from different projects.


This is an External Client Interface, and can be used as a stand alone product. Here you can securely share and collaborate with Clients and External Vendors without allowing full access to your site.

*photos are examples from our Demo Site - Project Solutions 365

Your Pages


Offices with 5 - 150 employees spanning across the US.



We begin by learning about

company priorities and office organization. Answering questions like how do you communicate? What do your employees find most important? What are your primary goals? Paying close attention to how information moves through your company. 



We then utilize Microsoft 365 tools to build an intranet that caters to company need, giving all users access to important information and commonly used applications. We also offer an internal communication hub, allowing all employees access to current events and company news. 



Your site is ready! Next we put it into action - uploading important content, including important documents, individual user information, the company calendar, etc. 

04 / TRAIN


Now we train your company to utilize Microsoft 365 tools and your Company Portal, allowing for cohesive 

communication and strategic information sharing. We will do our best to increase and improve user adoption. 



We'll be here as long as you need us - overseeing efficiency of Microsoft 365 programs, updating features and information to better fit company and employee needs. 



“TS Tech was invaluable in helping MKSK understand the M365 ecosystem, and where we had needs where the solution wasn’t immediately obvious, they went above and beyond to research and apply new methods. We couldn’t have implemented our intranet without TS Tech assistance.”

Andrew Dodson - Director of Marketing - MKSK

“Lupton Rausch recently made the decision to consolidate our data and take advantage of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. TS Tech came in and listened to what we were trying to achieve and introduced us to capabilities that we had not thought of. After a few meetings and some e-mail exchanges we were able to have a site put together enough to do some testing. Kurt and the TS Tech team were helpful in keeping our initial efforts small and focused and even did some custom coding to accomplish some of our more challenging requests. I am proud to say that after several months everyone in our firm is on-board and happy with these tools.”

Benjamin J. Haslow - BIM Manager - Lupton Rausch


TEL / 614-437-2525



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